Eco-responsible yarns

Post-consumers recycled fibres, organic cotton & wool

What do you expect?

Environmental impact of our eco-responsible yarns

Less occupied land

With recycled clothes, we no longer need to grow virgin cotton.

Less water consumption

Up to 91% less than that required for conventional cotton cultivation. With a water recycling system, water savings are even greater.

Less waste

With recycled clothes, the quantity of waste destined for landfills and incinerators is reduced.

Less chemical products

Less or no more agricultural operations at all, so, less chemicals.

More biodiversity

In sheep farms, or in organic cotton fields, the absence of fertilizer helps to keep fauna and flora intact.

Less energy

Needs are much lower than conventional cotton or wool

Less greenhouse gas emissions

With recycled clothing, methane emissions related to landfill decomposition and synthetic agrochemical use are avoided

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